Most Volatile Penny Stocks Trading – 2018

Most volatile penny stocks operate in a very fickle market. This is why a lot of people consider them to be high risks but potentially high yielding investments. Your penny stocks may be worth a literal penny each today, but it could easily balloon to a dollar or so tomorrow. Knowing when to sell your penny stocks need no further elaboration. Knowing when to buy penny stocks, on the other hand, needs deeper contemplation.

Buying The Most Volatile Penny Stocks

It is a gamble, you see, whenever you deal with penny stocks. But it doesn’t have to be a pure game of luck. Intelligent speculation is the key, and this should guide you whenever you re planning to buy penny stocks.

You can magnify your gains on betting on futures through futures trading You have to do your homework. Research the particular market where the stocks you are eyeing do operate. Try to be on the lookout for the following factors before deciding to buy penny stocks:

* How fragile is the market? If it is a pretty stable industry, chances of a spike in value would be less.

* Who are the people behind the industry? The strength of a business lies in the people running it, just as much as other economic factors. Try to study the portfolio of the managing team behind the company before you buy penny stocks attached to its name.

* What has been the trading history of the penny stocks involved? Lessons can be learned by studying the trends posted by the said stocks.

* How favorable is the immediate future for the said market? This can be determined with a reasonable degree of certainty after considering the factors above.

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Whenever you want to buy volatile penny stocks, you have to remember the basic rule in trading: sell when it is hot and buy when it is not. So buy penny stocks when their prices are low. Additionally, buy penny stocks when all indications point to a rise in value in the near future.

Indeed, it is that simple. You just have to keep these things in mind whenever you want to buy penny stocks. Better yet, you could assign a broker to buy penny stocks on your behalf. This would make things easier for you.

The problem with penny stocks, really, is the fickleness of the market, so you have to remain vigilant. Once you find some stocks at bargain prices with their outlook looking relatively bright, you have to buy penny stocks immediately because their worth might double overnight. The early bird always catches the worm, and this seems to be the rule of the thumb in a highly volatile market like penny stocks trading.

Top 10 Penny Stocks 2018

1. Civeo, Corp. (CVEO)
2. Tuesday Morning, Corp. (TUES)
3. Digital Turbine, Inc. (APPS)
4. Gerdau SA ADS (GGB)
5. HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. (HTGM)
6. Legacy Reserves LP (LGCY)
7. Luna Innovations, Inc.(LUNA)
8. Harmony Gold Mining ADR (HMY)
9. Quest Resource Holding, Corp. (QRHC)
10. Histogenics, Corp.(HSGX)

The Risks In Buy Volatile Penny Stocks

There are many rewards promised for anyone who wishes to trade penny stocks. Monumental gains have been experienced in a matter of hours in this field. Millionaires have been made out of people who have invested a few thousands. Success has been proclaimed by investors who have experienced substantial profit in this business.volatile penny stocks risk

But with every success story shared by those who trade penny stocks, there are stories of despair and frustration that can be shared by those who have experienced terrible losses in this industry. Whenever anyone would trade penny stocks, he is making his investment susceptible to numerous high risks, after all. And what are these risks, you might ask? Consider the following.

* People who trade penny stocks deal with a highly volatile market. Diligence is required because the value of penny stocks rise and fall in a matter of minutes. Miss that minute of glory, and chances are, your shot at gold would be lost forever.

* The word “penny stocks” is a misleading term. Each share may come at a low price, but you would usually trade penny stocks by the thousands. This means that you stand to lose more if your investment suddenly falters.

* Penny stocks are sometimes issued by less than reputable companies. There are even occasions when dummy corporations issue penny stocks so that they could earn fast from the IPO and thereafter disappear from public sight.

* The value of penny stocks is driven by hype. A few press releases here and there, a mention in a generally circulated newspaper, a full page ad in a leading magazine, and the value of the stocks would increase. But as with everything that is driven by hype, whenever we trade penny stocks, we would have to deal with the consequences that would result once the hype dies down. Will the penny stocks be able to stand on their own? Or will they sink so deep without the support of a marketing push?

* Those who trade volatile penny stocks would also have to deal with this industry’s failure to make use of traditional stock charting methods. This would result in a lot of uncertainty about your dealings as well as the stocks themselves.

So how should you cope up with these risks when you trade penny stocks? This tip is as simple as it is effective: recoup your capital as soon as possible, then invest in new stocks using the profit you have earned. This way, when you trade penny stocks, you would only stand to lose what you have already earned and not what you have taken out from your original funds.

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