Penny Stock Egghead Review

This post is a real review of Penny Stock Egghead created by “Nathan Gold” who claims that you can turn just a $1,000 investment into a $1,000,000 fortune by simply trading a golden penny stock once a week. At first glance this seems like a new penny stock trader’s dream who may be frustrated and tired of being stuck to a computer screen all day long yet not achieving any long term results.

The Truth About Penny Stock Egghead

Well let’s just cut to the chase – Penny Stock Egghead is not what it seems. There is no “Nathan Gold” and there is no “revolutionary system”. It’s essentially a pumping machine for penny stocks. The penny stock picks are not even picks at all. Penny Stock Egghead profiles stocks to you as “picks” and gets compensated for doing so. Don’t believe me? Just click on the disclaimer link at the bottom of their site.

Here’s an excerpt – “Egghead is structured to be retained by an unrelated third party to perform marketing and advertising services for a limited time with respect to a company they are interested in profiling or discussing by this website, and in exchange for such services, cash compensation from such third party is received”

Yes you read that correctly, cash compensation! They are paid to pump stocks!

Why You Still Should Sign Up

BUT WAIT, before you completely dismiss this site as a scam, you should know that even though penny stock egghead isn’t what it appears to be, you can actually still make money off this program! How? It’s simple actually. Once you sign up, you’ll receive one or two “penny stock picks” with a price target.

Now though you are given a target sell price, the trick is to simply buy and sell the stock within the same trading day. In other words day-trade the stock and never hold it longer than the one day. It works best if you buy as early as possible and sell well before the market closes. If you stick to this rule you should make gains over time despite there being some that lose.

How does this work? Simple – because penny stock egghead is such a popular program, there are literately tens of thousands of subscribers who wait for these picks and buy without hesitation. Because of the sheer volume of traders, the stock will go up, at least for a short while, so again, you need to sell before people stop buying it, or worse start to dump it.

Now you will probably notice that some stocks will continue to go up and up for days, even weeks. This is because some of these stocks are pumped by more than one pumper and may even be part of a more elaborate pumping scheme but it’s very difficult to know which stocks will perform that way. So my advice to you is don’t be greedy, stick to the daytrading and the smaller gains. They will add up over time.

Click here to signup for Penny Stock Egghead.

An Even Better Alternative – Sign Up with a Real Penny Stock Newsletter!

Though you can certainly make money with penny stock egghead, personally I prefer going with an actual real live penny stock trading expert, one with a good track record and one that is accountable for his trades! I’ve already done the research and surprisingly found there to be very few actual real penny stock picking services out there.

Of the legit ones available however, the one I recommend the most is Matt Moris’s Microcap Millionaires program. Yeah I know the site name sounds kind of hokey, but believe me Matt is a real person and he’s all about delivering results to his members. Don’t believe me, just e-mail him a question and you’ll see that you’ll actually get an insightful reply (go figure!).

I’ve been a member of Matt’s service for well over a year now and can tell you with certainty he is the real deal, and not only is he the real deal, but so are his stock picks! His picks consistently yield decent gains and some even skyrocket (100-500% plays are not uncommon). Yes there will be a few dud picks that will either stay flat or lose but if you stick to his picks and exercise his recommended target prices with discipline, you’ll be very happy with the results.

Now just a word of warning – If you’re the kind of person who likes to trade on emotion, don’t sign up! Why? Because you’ll just end up frustrating yourself and lose over time. You need to be disciplined and stick to his recommendations. I can’t stress that enough.

Now the only real downside to Matt’s service is that unlike Penny Stock Egghead, since it’s a monthly membership you’ll need to fork out $50 a month to stay subscribed and receive his stocks picks. But even though that may seem like a downside, it’s actually good.

Why? Because it’s a legit service! If a professional trader like Matt runs a penny stock newsletter and their subscribers are consistently making good money from the stock picks, the subscribers are going to stay subscribed, I mean wouldn’t you? So it’s only in Matt’s best interest to provide top quality stocks picks that yield consistent profits. When you’re happy you’ll stay subscribed and if you’re like most of his subscribers you’ll never want to leave.

Click here to visit Microcap Millionaires.

Anyway I hope this helps you out. If your new at this I’d highly suggest you at least sign up for Microcap Millionaires. If you’re not happy with his service you can always cancel your membership within 60 days and get your money back, though I doubt you’ll want to do this, especially after your first few nice gains :)

Who Is Nathan Gold?

This post is about Nathan Gold, who is the  supposed creator of the penny stock egghead system that can help you to generate over 1,000% returns in the stock market by picking undervalued stocks. This is way higher than if you were to invest in S&P 500 companies.

Nathan teaches you to achieve great success in stock investing by simply making just one smart trade per week. If you have missed buying great companies like Wal-Mart, Microsoft or Cisco when they were initially sold for pennies per share, Nathan Gold might have something that can help you to discover the next great companies through his system.

Nathan believes that over 97% of all penny stocks are rubbish and that’s the main reason why he only pick a golden trade a week to make a fortune. Another reason why he did not make many trades a week is because this will mean a lot of monitoring of individual stocks unnecessary trade fees. He believes in focusing on just one golden stock since he is able to discover the “cream of the crop” stock where it’s price is ready to skyrocket very soon.

He is currently offering a 8-week trading test-drive that he gives to his subscribers with virtually zero risks, since it comes with a no question asked, full money back guarantee.

The Penny Stock Egghead System Turns $1,000 Into A Million

This website is all about the penny stock egghead product which have a claimed system that can turn a $1,000 investment into a $1,000,000 profit, getting over 1,000% returns. This system is said to work even if you have not traded a single stock in your life before.

How this method works is by selecting undervalued penny stocks which will become the next mega company within a couple of months, not years. If you have invested in stocks from 2000 to 2010, you will be very disappointed since most of the largest companies has lost investor’s wealth over $9 trillion dollars.

Fortunately, you can still make a ton of money in today’s economy, as long as you have the right system of stock picking in place.